Starting with GSoC’21 @coala @WeField

I received a mail from Google Summer of Code on May 17th, 2021, stating that my proposal “Microfarm For Everybody” was selected under WeField under the umbrella of coala. I was very thrilled to know this and very much grateful to my mentors Finn Peters and Abhinav Kaushlya for guiding me throughout the process and in the proposal and to all the people who crafted me into what I am today.

Hi, I am Prashant Dodiya, pursuing B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from NIT, Surat. I came to know about GSoC in my second year during the Hacktoberbest ’20 through my college seniors. I went through the GSoC website and skimmed through projects to know the level of skills required and it was really good. So, I decided to upgrade my skills to be ready for the GSoC. But, here I was somewhat wrong. I had few interesting projects but no Open-Source experience. (It's always a great practice to learn on the go. I shall have started contributing to open-source projects and learn along. I will suggest everyone to do the same.) Due to this, I was not confident about the GSoC as I heard that many people start contributing since November. I thought I have no chance with those people. And I dropped the idea for the GSoC. Later after the completion of Mid Sem Exams, I had a feeling and I want to start Open-Source contribution, and my friend, Gaurav Kumar also suggested me to start with GSoC to get exposure and gain experience of the application process.

Here, I started my journey. Firstly, I decided my tech stack: Python and Django. Then filtered organization with these two keywords and literally went through all the organizations and sort listed to a total of 10 based upon my interest. I then went through all the project ideas mentioned on their website. Then I landed on coala. In their project list, there was a project Django Microfarm under sub-org WeField. I went through the details of the project. I got fascinated by its idea and vision. That was the moment, I decided that I will give my best 100% to this project. And I started my work on it. Here’s the result!! Me writing a blog for you :)

Let me tell you a bit more about the organizations!

coala Association e.V. ( static analyzer )

coala: Language-Independent Code Analysis

coala provides a unified interface for linting and fixing code with a single configuration file, regardless of the programming languages used. You can use coala from within your favorite editor, integrate it with your CI, get the results as JSON, or customize it to your needs with its flexible configuration syntax.

WeField e.V.

WeField e.V.

WeField is a German non-profit association with the aim of protecting the environment, create sustainable ecosystems, and planting orchards for species protection with associated agricultural use.

Now, let me brief you about the project!

Microfarm For Everybody ( Django Microfarm )

Microfarm for Everybody - as the name suggests, it is for everybody, and anyone can do it. This project aims to create a tool that allows anyone to become a market gardener, given some space. Even the person with no prior knowledge of farming or gardening wanted to build his/her garden to grow up vegetables, fruits, etc. As fertile lands are not available to all, we are here adapting no-dig gardening (you don’t need to dig up the ground, just spread the compost layer and a few more and start gardening). The project will guide the user throughout every step of gardening, such as what size of the beds need to be made, how much compost will be required and when to make the beds, complete guide of watering, etc. The user will be notified of all the tasks through email. Thus, this tool is beneficial and easy to use for everyone.

Learning more and more about the project made me more and more connected to it! Wouldn't it be nice to grow your own organic, healthy and juicy vegetables at home and live a healthy lifestyle? WeField will help you out with market gardening and to automate tasks with this project.

Sounds interesting!!? Subscribe and stay tuned for more details, project features and updates!!




Student Developer @WeField @coala | Cloud Enthusiast | Open-Source Contributor | NIT Surat

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Prashant Dodiya

Prashant Dodiya

Student Developer @WeField @coala | Cloud Enthusiast | Open-Source Contributor | NIT Surat

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